Question: What Is The Point Of Book Jackets?

Why do books have jackets?

The dust jacket (sometimes book jacket, dust wrapper or dust cover) of a book is the detachable outer cover, usually made of paper and printed with text and illustrations.

In addition to its promotional role, the dust jacket protects the book covers from damage..

Should you keep book jackets?

But when it comes to rare books or collectible books, dust jackets should be treated with significant care as they often add significant value to the book. A rule of thumb applying for many modern first editions is that a dust-jacket, in same condition as the book makes up for 80-90% of the value of the book.

What does book jacket mean?

noun. a removable paper cover, usually illustrated, for protecting the binding of a book and usually giving information about the book and the author.

What does a book jacket include?

Blurbs: A book jacket usually includes a number of blurbs from other authors or reviewers. Pick the best blurb from the most prominent author or outlet and include it on the front cover. Additional blurbs can go on the back cover. … Additional blurbs and reviews can be added to the back.

What are the parts of a book jacket?

Parts of a Booktext block – Everything between the covers.front flap – The section of the dust jacket on the front of the book which is folded so it sits inside the cover.endleaves – Two or more leaves at the front and back between the cover and the text block.fore edge – The side of the book opposite the spine.More items…•

Are hardcover books worth it?

Are hardcover books worth it? If you want a book that will last the long-term, then a hardcover book is definitely worth the money. However, if you just want to read the book and that’s it, you should look to buy the paperback, as it is better value for money.

How do you store a book in a dust jacket?

Keep them on when the book is on my shelf, I usually take them off to read the book and put the jacket back on my shelf in place of the book. I take them off to read the book and put them back when I’m done.

How do I wash my book jacket?

Clean smudges off your dust jacket. Then rub the dust onto the dust jacket, and gently brush it off when finished. For a glossy dust jacket, rub a bit of petroleum jelly onto any smudges with a soft cloth. Use a different cloth to wipe off the jelly and fully remove the smudge.

What’s the point of book covers?

Is the purpose of the cover to sell books, to accurately describe what’s in the book, or to tee up the reader so the book has maximum impact? The third.

What is the back cover of a book called?

The description on the back cover of a book is called different things. Sometimes it’s called book jacket copy or back cover copy. It’s also known as a summary or blurb.

How do I protect my books with plastic?

Fold the plastic around your book, then tuck in the front flap. Fold the plastic around your book so 2 equally-sized flaps are hanging off the top, bottom, and right side. Fold the front plastic flap under the front cover, pull tight, and tape it in place with a piece of Scotch tape.