Quick Answer: What Is Hidden Form Field?

How do I hide a div?

To hide an element, set the style display property to “none”..

How do I hide text in HTML?

How to Hide an HTML Text CodeLaunch your HTML editor. Select “File” and “Open” from the program’s navigation bar. … Locate the text within the HTML document you want to hide. … Type “<" followed by "! ... Type "---" followed by ">” (no quotes and no spaces) at the end of the block of text you want to hide. … Save your HTML document.

What is hidden field in PHP?

A hidden field is not displayed on the page. It simply stores the text value specified in the value attribute. Hidden fields are great for passing additional information from the form to the server.

What is URL rewriting in Java?

Url rewriting is a process of appending or modifying any url structure while loading a page. The request made by client is always a new request and the server can not identify whether the current request is send by a new client or the previous same client.

What is the use of form tag in HTML?


tag is used to create an HTML form for user input. The element can contain one or more of the following form elements: