Quick Answer: Where Are SketchUp Components?

How do I select a component in Sketchup?

Select Instances: Perhaps you have 15 instances (copies) of the same component in your model and you want to select them all.

Just make sure that you’re viewing your In Model library, and then right-click the component (in the Components dialog box) of your desire.

Choose Select Instances, and your work is done..

What is the use of creating components in SketchUp?

SketchUp components enable you to reuse objects. For example, pretty much every building has at least one door and window. Instead of modeling these common objects, you can insert a component that someone else has already made. Like all geometry in SketchUp, a component is still made of edges and faces.

What is a component in SketchUp?

The organization of components in a SketchUp model greatly affects the speed at which your design and modeling work can progress. By definition, a Group is a single instance of a collection of geometry. A Component is a named collection of geometry that can exist at multiple locations within the model.

What is the difference between group and component in SketchUp?

Groups are used for sets of objects that you will never duplicate or make copies of. Components are used for sets of objects that you will be duplicating or using multiple times in the model.

How do I delete part of a component in SketchUp?

Right click on the component without opening it for editing. Choose Make Unique to break it’s relationship to the others.Draw a line across where you want to cut it and use Push/Pull to remove the waste side.

How do I download SketchUp components?

To find and download a component’s material directly in 3D Warehouse, follow these steps:Open the details page for the model whose material you want to download.In the stats panel, click the Materials link. … When you find a material, click the Download link.

How do I move a component in SketchUp?

Follow these steps:With the Select ( ) tool, select the item (or items) you want to move.Select the Move tool ( ) or press the M key.Click the item you want to move. … Move your mouse to move your selection. … Click the destination point to finish the move.More items…

What are dynamic components in SketchUp?

SketchUp dynamic components are reusable design elements with special attributes: parametric functions, interactivity, animation, and more. Creating your own dynamic components allows you to build a library of custom designs and easily share them with others.

How do I create a dynamic component in Sketchup?

To add attributes, follow these steps:Select the component you want to make dynamic.On the Dynamic Components toolbar, click the Component Attributes tool ( ) or select Window > Component Attributes. … Click the Add Attribute plus sign icon to see a list of options.More items…

Where are SketchUp components stored?

We have standardized where product content, stuff like collections of components, materials and styles are stored on the file system. On Windows, we moved the default content that comes with SketchUp (Components, Materials and Styles) out of the Program Files directory and placed them in the ProgramData directory.

How do I create a component in SketchUp?

Create a componentSelect the geometry you want to include in your component. … Choose Edit > Make Component from the menu bar, or context-click the selection and choose Make Component. … In the Definition box, type a meaningful name for your component. … In the Description box, add a short description of your component.More items…