What Does 22 Mean In Punjabi?

What does Khanjar mean?

: a short curved dagger of Muslim countries the broad silver-sheathed khanjars —the mark of authority in the northern deserts— Ralph Hammond-Innes..

What does PAJI mean?

elder brotherAs some of us are probably aware, paaji loosely means ‘elder brother’ in Punjab; it could also be used to address a friend or a neighbour.

What does Atta girl mean?

—used to express encouragement, approval, or admiration to a woman or girlThey also wore ponytails out the backs of their hats and shouted “Attagirl!”

What does Balle mean in Punjabi?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Balle Balle Gurmukhi: ਬੱਲੇ ਬੱਲੇ, Shahmukhi: بلّے بلّے) is a phrase used in many Punjabi songs to depict a feeling of happiness. It is used in the same way as the English expressions, “Hooray!” or “Hurrah!”.

What does Patola mean in Punjabi?

Patola Meaning: Patola is a Punjabi word that used for Beautiful, Gorgeous and Young girl in punjabi word. … Patola Meaning: Patola is a Punjabi word that used for Beautiful, Gorgeous and Young girl in punjabi word.

What is Sira in Punjabi?

What does Sira mean in Punjabi? ‘sirra’ in Punjabi is actual meaning of English word ‘end’ and in Punjabi it is mainly used as a humorous word like ‘tu ta sirra e aa’ means ‘u r the end & everything is below ur work’ etc.

What is Biji in Punjabi?

Biji – Punjabi word for Mom or grandmother.

What is Ghaint in Punjabi?

Ghaint Meaning: Ghaint Is a Punjabi Word that used to praise someone. There is no exact meaning for this word but we can explain this word by following English words. Ghaint : Nice, Cool, Good Ghai…

Is Attaboy a real word?

Attaboy is an interjection, meaning it’s a term used to express emotion, often outside of a sentence. The term attagirl can be used in the same way to address girls, women, and female animals.

What does Kaim mean in Punjabi?

Kaim in Punjabi means healthy or working condition of a machine. It does not mean stable n is not same as kayam in Hindi, which means continuous. Kayam is something that goes on, like the famous phrase andhera kayam rahe, meaning may darkness always stay. Kaim is not same as kayam. Kaim means healthy, fit to do job.

What is the meaning of the Punjabi?

Punjabi means belonging or relating to the Punjab region of India or Pakistan, its people, or its language. He comes from a middle-class Punjabi family. American English: Punjabi. Brazilian Portuguese: panjabi. Chinese: 旁遮普的

What is Atta Boy mean?

—used to express encouragement, approval, or admiration.

What do we call Atta in English?

flour variable noun. Flour is a white or brown powder that is made by grinding grain. It is used to make bread, cakes, and pastry. /ata, åtA, aataa, åtā, aTa, åTA, aaTaa, åTā, aṭa, åṭA, aaṭaa, åṭā/ You may also like.

Is Kanjar a bad word?

Calling someone Kanjar or Chuhra, Hindu or Yahudi is a slur in Pakistan. … For example, there is nothing intrinsic about the word Kanjar that renders it a suitable curse for my dear friend. It becomes a curse because it is a product of societal prejudice that identifies one caste as a curse.